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Train Heroic Online Training App - For Maximum Hypertrophy 

Fellas, It's been a long time coming but I'm launching an app that, for the first time ever that gives you access to train with me and with each other. 

Here's the deal...

You'll sign up to be part of our team, the "Yoke Squad" and as a member of the team, you'll get:

1. A training program to follow each month 
2. Your session delivered to your profile on the app
3. Video instruction and coaching points for each movement in the session
4. Message boards, so you can ask questions and help me build the team's culture
5. Leaderboards if you're the type that likes to compete against your teammates
6. An Exclusive community led by me

This isn't your 2001 PDF "program." This is a real-time coaching service and I'll be spending my time, energy, and effort growing this community and helping you create real progress in your life along the way.

I'm launching the membership to Founding Members, the first 500 members, for just $27/month.

You can sign up here: https://trainheroic.co/YokeSquad


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