Training Methods

Big-15 - My training protocol for mass training.  It's based around breaking rep PR's at certain percentages before moving on (and sometimes not), generally using 50% sets.

Strong-15 - My training protocol for strength peaking for the powerlifts.

Strong-15 short cycle - The 5 week version of the strong-15.

The above protocols can be found in all three of my ebooks, with revised versions in Strength, Life, Legacy and 365.  

50% sets - Take a set to failure, rest for 60 seconds, then do another set aiming to get half as many reps as you got on the previous set.

350 method - Aim to get 50 total reps over three sets, with two minutes rest between each set.

Over-warm ups - The staple of my training ideology.  You warm up PAST the weight you intend to do your "work sets" with for the day.  So for example, if you plan on squatting with 315 you would warm up with 135 x 5, 185 x 4, 225 x 3, 275 x 2, 315 x 1, then all depending, a single at 365 or so.  At that point, you would go back to 315 for your working sets.

100 rep sets - Pretty straight forward.  You do 100 reps NON STOP.


  1. A couple of times a year I used to do a chest workout of just 400 push-ups. The first set would be like 30-40 and the last set, one hour later would be just one forced pus-up. I like the idea the 100 reps.

  2. Even I recommend the arm sessions before heading towards the vigorous exercises. Though I do trust on bodybuilding supplements too but nothing can benefit you more than that of the exercises that you do.