Train Heroic Yoke Squad

 Train Heroic Online Training App - For Maximum Hypertrophy 

Here's the deal...

You'll sign up to be part of our team, the "Yoke Squad" and as a member of the team, you'll get:

1. A training program to follow for 6-8 weeks (depending on how long the training cycle is)
2. Your session delivered to your profile on the app
3. Video instruction, bio-mechanics, and coaching points for each movement in the session
4. Message boards, so you can ask questions and help me build the team's culture
5. Leaderboards if you're the type that likes to compete against your teammates
6. An Exclusive community led by me
7. Bio-feedback that you get to plug in prior to each training session
8. Charts that show your progression over time, giving you real time constant feedback as to how your progress is going.

This isn't your 2001 PDF "program." This is a real-time coaching service and I'll be spending my time, energy, and effort growing this community and helping you create real progress in your life along the way.

All of this for less than $1 a day.

You can sign up here: