Monday, April 27, 2015

Some benching and updates

Hey all -

Sorry I have slacked so hard the last month with updates.  Obviously traveling makes it more difficult to get content out but I have a lot of shit coming, so stay tuned.

I am still a bit jet lagged coming back from Aussie.  Going there was no big deal, but coming back has really caused a lot of fatigue.

Still, I went in and benched today and decided to go ahead and test my EDM for benching cycles because I am very fatigued.

Happily I hit an easy 455 close grip so that's what I am going to base my cycles around.  I am pretty sure I could have done a double here, so that puts my close grip at around 475ish right now at 249 pounds.

After that I did some guillotine presses.  I think I will do a video on these in the future.  I used to do these a lot when I was younger but haven't in a long time.  They felt awesome.  I went light as they do put the shoulders and pecs in a bit of precarious position but the stretch is fantastic.

I will be having articles coming out at flex, t-nation, and for Poliquin in the coming weeks so be on the look out for those.  Also, I was picked up by True Nutrition as a sponsored athlete and I'm really excited and happy about that.

Today's session -

Close Grips -
bar x 20, 20
135 x 12
225 x 5
275 x 4
315 x 3
365 x 2
405 x 1
455 x 1
365 x 10

Guillotine Press - 225 x 3 sets of 10

Flex Machine Bench (seated) - 315 x 3 x 8
Cable Cross Overs - 4 sets of 12

Db Curls - 30's x 5 sets of 20
Incline Hammer Curls - 30's x 3 sets of 20

Good session for only having 3.5 hours of sleep.

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