Monday, July 28, 2014

It's hard to defend Crossfit when....

Shit like this gets passed..........

As most know, I've never been a crossfit basher. I've long said that it's done more for introducing more people to the barbell than anything in the history of strength and physical culture. So that is a good thing.

However, when I see shit like this it makes me shake my head.

This is exactly the thing people often complain about with Crossfit. That there is a "get the reps at all costs" mentality that is to blame for people getting fucked up and injured. And the fact is, that complaint is hard to ignore when people see shit like this, and the lift gets "passed".

Every sport has to have a set of clear cut standards that not only defines how to properly perform in said sport, but also takes into account the safety of the athlete. This is an example of where that is clearly ignored.

And before someone throws out the "you go down and judge then" bullshit, I don't need to be there judging to know this kind of shit is bad for the athlete.

Crossfit is here to stay whether you like it or not. Therefore what we should concentrate on instead of bashing it, is offering suggestions how to make it more structured and safer for the men and women that lay it on the line in these competitions. It would be infinitely better that Crossfit judged a deadlift in the same manner powerlifting does to eliminate confusion about whether the lift is good, and it would also improve safety for the athletes.

Not to mention that this shit is just ugly.


  1. Yup, that's ridiculous. That would never happen in any CF gym I've attended; any coach I've worked with would lose his or her shit over someone doing anything like that. One might make allowance for a more risky *form* during competition, but the standard shouldn't change.

  2. totally agree with your post paul