Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Training - Db Bench and shit

Training tonight -

Db Bench Press -

30's x 50
60's x 20, 10
100's x 8

140's x 13.5, 10
100's x 31

Incline Press - 225 x 25, 17

Barbell Curls - empty bar x 100

Notes - BLLLARG. Awful. Totally thought the first set would be an easy 15. Then as they started slowing down, in my head I literally thought "what the fuck? NO! It's just the 140's!"

Oh well. My elbows have been a bit achy so I am going to drop barbell bench for a few weeks for some db bench just as a change of pace. I will still incline press and do PBN as they bother my elbows less. I want to do the 140's x 20.