Friday, October 23, 2015

Inception - Beginner/Intermediate program for mass and strength manual

This program is for those who have been training for 6-24 months. An advanced guy could use it absoutely, however I set it up so that guys who are pretty new to training could get in the gym, take the guess work out, and just focus on doing simple basic movements, getting stronger, and working hard.

This program is based around benching and squatting at the base, while building the back and posterior chain. There is no deadlifting and I outlinewhy in the manual. Before you balk, let me tell you that the two best deadlifts I ever pulled were done after not deadlifting for long periods at a time, so I wouldn't worry about not deadlifting for 12 weeks. If your squat improves, and your posterior chain gets bigger and stronger, you can then move back into concentrating on deadlifting and reap the rewards.

The program is 12 weeks long, and I know if followed to the letter will absolutely help guys grow, get stronger, and give some great direction in regards to building a solid foundation for future lifting.

7 weeks of hypertrophy training with lifts based around breaking rep PR's and increasing overall base strength -

5 weeks of strength peak training in order to increase base level strength and create a strength base -

The program is repeatable (meaning it can be ran back to back many times over) and performance goal based -

Cues for techniques on the squat and bench press -

An emphasis on creating balance from back to front, so that common muscular imbalances are addressed from the beginning -


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  1. Hey paul. Any advice you have about increasing your incline bench press? I recently got off a peaking program and am mass building with an arms legs push pull off repeat set up. My incline has always been weak compared to my flat and I think it will definitely increase my flat bench if my incline bench increases. Any advice at all would be helpful.