Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Training - Squats

Bodyweight - 274

Squats -

405 x 5 sets of 5

Pause Squats -
585x1 PR

Deficit Deads -

Notes - The 585 was stupid easy.  Could have done a triple with it I believe.  Mind you, I'm gone over 500 ONE TIME since Relentless.  My working weights with squats have been between 315 and 405.

Think about that.


  1. and it looked stupid easy too! Even before the rep you could tell just by looking at it, that you felt it was super light on your back even!

    Recently purchased base building on kindle, great read. I think your results speak for themself!. Last night after long day at work, (tax season 12 hours!) I did base building I for squat. 75%, then the 60% 5 X 5. I picked a true EDM, and I lifted that 60% with speed bordering on violent in 15 minutes or less as directed. And rather than pulling myself out of bed this morning with an aching back, crazy tight hamstrings, and no will to lift tonight, I jump out of bed at 5 a.m. I feel worked and pumped. It's definitely enough volume without being too much. I'm very excited to see how it all plays out, I have some long time strength goals I'd like to see hit in the next year!

    Thanks again. I definitely follow what you said about moving the weight faster etc. I think I will move up 5 lbs next week, but for week 3 I would think that I would keep the weight the same and just try to move it more aggressively, in quicker time.

    I bought your mass and strength programs long ago, and have followed your blog ever since. I may pony up and get strength life legacy finally! Thanks!


    1. Sam,
      No reason to push the weight up each week. You can really concentrate on speed for quite some time and continue to get better.

  2. What does your eating look like at the moment Paul? Thanks

  3. Hi paul,
    I am currently following your base building method..alternating bbm1 and bbm2 each week....6 weeks in and so far very good. Just a quick question, based on your post fatigue single of 585 in the pause squat,what do you think your current "fresh" 1rm squat is sitting at?