Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Client etiquette

There are lots of articles out there on what to look for in a coach.  However few people talk about the things you should do as a great client.

If you plan on hiring a coach, whether that be online or in person please consider the following - 

Make a choice to trust that coach - It isn't the coach's responsibility to earn your trust.  When you make a decision to pay someone to train you or write you a diet, that action alone should say you trust in them.  You don't hire a coach, then tell them "you need to earn my trust."  Bullshit.  

If anything, as a client, you need to earn your coach's trust that you are going to do what they tell you to do.  It is up to you to do your due diligence before you hire them so you can make a choice to trust them.  

Do what they tell you to the letter - This is a terribly annoying part of having clients.  Whether on a diet or training, some clients have a bad habit of thinking they "know better", and change certain things.  Well, if you knew better why did you need a coach?  For accountability?  Then remember that when you're not following your diet or training to the letter.  A coach really isn't there to hold you accountable.  It's your responsibility as an adult to hold YOURSELF accountable.  You spent the money.  You're the one that believes for some reason you need a coach.  So be responsible with your time and money and hold yourself accountable for what your coach tells you to do.

Remember this too.  If you do everything that the coach tells you to do, then at the end of it all, your lack of progress or feeling of being unsatisfied is on them.  But if you don't do everything to the letter, then you have no one to blame but yourself.  Your coach can give you every right answer, but if you don't listen it won't matter.  Do what they tell you.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

Be respectful of your coach's time - This means if you have a scheduled up.  If you can't, be courteous enough to call to let him or her know you can't make it.  There is nothing worse than booking someone for time, and them not show up, and not let you know.  It's incredibly rude and irresponsible on your part, and shows a lack of maturity.  

Don't whine - Yes, we know it hurts and is hard and all that shit.  When I did training in person there was nothing I hated more than whining.  Suck it up, buttercup.  If getting in better shape or looking great was easy then anyone could do it, but guess what?  Its hard work.  Understand that going in, and embrace the discomfort.  

Don't expect miracles - A coach should be good enough to take you where you want to go, but it may take longer than you want.  If you're 300 pounds and you want a "beach body" its not going to happen in 3 months.  Lots of people hire trainers because they think he or she can make miracles happen.  I don't know of a Jesus trainer, and you don't either.  So ask your trainer what they believe is a realistic time frame for you to accomplish your goals in.  It may be longer than you expect, and well, it usually is.  If you hire a coach because you need to grab that last 5% that has been evading you, then they may be what you need.  If you need a complete overhaul, then plan on a long road.  You don't undo 10 years of bad eating and living in 10 weeks.  

Don't rely on your trainer for shit they aren't qualified for - Unfortunately lots of client and trainer relationships turn into things they really aren't supposed to be.  Your trainer shouldn't be your marriage counselor.  There are people with qualifications for that.  Go to them.  If your trainer isn't a qualified physical therapist then don't expect them to solve major injury problems.  You can ask your trainer to work hand in hand with your PT, but remember, research what your trainer is qualified for, and rely on them for their expertise in those areas.  Not in areas they don't have professional experience or education in.  

Be honest and keep communication lines open - If you are unsatisfied, express that early.  Don't let tension build then fire the coach because you felt they weren't giving you what you paid for.  That again IS ON YOU.  A coach can't make changes to better meet your needs if you aren't satisfied with progress.  There are far too many passive aggressive people in this world that won't or can't express themselves properly.  If you don't like a movement, or don't like certain foods or whatever, just express that early and work with the coach on it.  Most of this should have been handled in the early stages, but things do change as training and diets continue and evolve.  Make sure you are honest about things you like and don't like so that the coach can work with you on that.

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  1. I enjoyed this one Paul wow, sent this to all my friends who are trainers and they will appreciate this 100%. Don't whine is key in my book. Just suck it up and get through the hour with me and knock that whine out of you LOL