Friday, December 27, 2013

And yet.......another success story.

Hi Paul,

Here’s another success story based on a meet I did a few weeks ago. USPA Men’s Raw 198 pounds 56 years old.

Although I Squatted poorly, I did learn a valuable lesson, and the meet was an overall success. I ran Strong-15 in preparation for the meet and didn’t miss a lift the entire cycle.

I programmed Squat for 350, I hit 350 in the same meet last year and did 360 half a year ago. The Squat singles in phase 3 were tough grinders but I made them all, and I paused all reps, singles and the rep sets. My first Squat was disqualified because my spotter put his hands on me when I lurched forward on my opener of 303. I don’t fault him because I came waaaaay forward and if we were in his garage he would have bear hugged me.

To avoid bombing I had to stay with 303 for my second attempt which I did easily. Before this second attempt I figured out why I was out so of position, I was not used to NOT pausing, exploding out of the hole was throwing me forward. So this second attempt I concentrated on staying controlled in the hole. Lesson learned, start doing non-paused Squats a few weeks prior to meets to get the feel of it.

The American record was 352 which was my goal so I had a decision to make for my third attempt, should I jump the 50 pounds and try 353 for the record, or do the smart thing and call for 330 and add to my total. I went for the 50 pound jump and never even got out of the hole. Also in retrospect, I was squatting deeper than needed to get white lights, I should have gone as deep as I could handle and taken my chances.

I hit a Bench PR for weighing 198. I programmed for 290 pounds, went 253 / 270 / 286. All my training reps were paused and fast, very doable. I think I made a good decision to go with 286 instead of 292, the 286 was pretty slow.

Deadlift was awesome. I hit a 33 pound overall PR, 468 pounds, I programmed for 440. I never would have attempted 468, but I was awarded a 4th attempt because it was for an American Record (AR). I went 374 / 425 (AR) / 452 (AR) / 468 (AR).  My weakness is getting the weight off the floor, so I was in no man’s land when I got this much weight past my knees. I’ll never forget that moment when it was past my knees and everyone was yelling, even the head judge, and it just kept going to lockout. Without a doubt my most memorable lift to date. Incidentally, 468 is USPA Elite Class for my age and weight. I am convinced Strong-15 got me there! (By the way, I train with a real deadlift bar, so the meet bar didn't contribute significantly to the lift I feel)

My 1041 total was also an America Record. A decent Squat would have given me a PR for total (1063) which I set when I was 220, but live and learn. I’m shooting for 1100 next, should be doable if I get my Squat back in order.

Strong-15, programed for 295, for a Bench only meet in February, goal is to hit 292.
Big-15 over and over again for Squat, I have to build my base Squat.
Strong-15 Block Deadlift, programmed for 440. I want to work on floor strength and speed. I feel if I can get it past my knees, I can stand it up!

Thanks for your advice, wisdom, and entertainment in your blog over the years. Being an older guy, your approaches agree with my body better than any other program I’ve tried.

-- Phil B

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