Saturday, April 12, 2014

Traveling to Tucson - Day 1

Friday - April 11th, 2014

I hate flying.

Not because of a fear of crashing or some shit like that.  Just because of the monotony that is air travel, and the reminder of the incompetence of most people.  I'm working hard on being a kinder, gentler Paul but air travel really tests the limits of that for me more times than not.

For example, why the fuck when the plane stops does it take everyone so long to get their carry-on bag, and walk off?  I don't understand this at all.

You reach above you, grab a bag, walk off the plane.  But without fail I'm always sitting there for 10-20 minutes.  It reminds me of when traffic on the interstate has come to a crawl, and you're stuck for half an hour and when you finally get to what's holding up traffic it's like a Volvo on the side of the road with the emergency flashers on.

What would be a great thing for the airlines would be for them to let people that don't have a carry-on, to get off first.  That'd be great.  I really wish they'd work that in there.

I also rarely if ever sit next to someone interesting on a flight.  By interesting I mean someone that can or will even hold a conversation.  Not that we have to bond or hold hands, but if I'm sitting by you for over 2 hours then having a chat to pass the time doesn't seem like it would be an insurmountable chore.  Then I get reminded of how socially awkward some people can be, and I put my headphones back in and close my eyes.

You also don't know in this day and age who will be sneaking photos of you at the airport.  Funny, and maybe slightly creepy, someone took a pic of me at the airport and then sent it to a friend.  Well, that friend knows me, and sent me said photo.

Apparently she liked my airport attire.

I arrived in Tucson and met Danny Sawaya, the owner of Tucson Evolution with a couple of his sidekicks; Chris and "Panda".

I was starving and borderline hangry so we went straight from the airport to an all you can eat sushi joint that did in fact have some tremendously good sushi.  I think I ate 7 rolls, but skipped on the 8th one because the look and the smell of the scallops did not sit well with my "don't eat that shit" meter, and I passed.

I was supposed to do a podcast with Chris and Panda after, however I was pretty exhausted after they were kind enough to reschedule it.

Looking forward to this seminar and working with people this weekend.  Now if I could just shake this recent bout of insomnia I'd feel even better.


  1. Feel your travel pain, and wonder the exact same thing about people de-boarding a plane. Usually everyone stands up IMMEDIATELY, and somehow they STILL manage to not have their shit together when the doors open. Let's just hang out here, block everyone else from getting ready and -- Oh shit, that's right I have baggage... Hold on, I got it in here somehow, I can get it out...

    Not a big fan of talking to people on planes though. Good reading time, or throw in the ear plugs and (try to) pass out.

  2. Count me as another who looks at (almost looks forward to) flights as reading time. I'll make a little pleasant small talk, but I'm really planning on spending the couple of hours I'm on a plane with a book.

  3. Paul, Thanks again for everything. It was awesome having you hear in Tucson. I learned so much I can't wait to put to use.

    If anyone else gets the chance to attend one of your seminars I can't stress enough how beneficial it is. I've gone to other seminars bur yours was by far the most instructional.

  4. I still love your plane story about the guy who never turned the page in his book, FOR THE ENTIRE FLIGHT. That would have kept me on edge for the entire flight!

  5. You and Wendler should do a seminar in Canada (Ontario) . The Great White North needs you (my gym in particular) !!!!