Tuesday, April 29, 2014

6 week specialization training testimonial

No training method can work miracles but sometimes the results can be pretty awesome.

Here is one such case from a Viren Desai, whose overhead press had been stuck for a while and enlisted my help.

Viren wanted to overhead press 225 in 6 weeks. A 20 pound improvement over his best of 205. I thought his goal was a bit lofty, but doable if everything fell into place. Viren sent me this testimonial after 6 weeks of running one of my personalized programs.....



You have helped me in MANY ways. In the beginning I would read all of your posts on Facebook and read all of your articles on your site. I took in as much advice as possible.

First advice I took from you was cut down my training days, I stopped training 6 days a week and I cut it down to 3 days. I stopped having aches and I was never sluggish and dragging ass. My lifts went up, I got stronger and bigger. I felt more “fresh” going in the gym.

I stopped doing 10-12 exercises per training session. I stuck with the main lifts, squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, barbell rows, pull-ups etc. I like volume so I would just do high volume with the main lifts. I got fucking stronger. I looked thicker. I’m happy.

I stopped having an “arm” day. I switched to doing 100 rep barbell curls once a week and I would do 100 bodyweight dips once a week. My arms are way bigger now then they were when I had an “arm” day. My bicep tendonitis went away.

Like every strength training individual, we all want huge traps and I would kill myself doing upright rows and shrugs everytime I trained. Traps did not grow. I read one of Paul’s posts and I stopped doing shrugs and upright rows for awhile. I just concentrated on doing heavy barbell rows, and my traps grew.

After seeing Paul’s training videos, I wanted to be big and strong like him. So I hit him up and I started working with him for 6 weeks. It was mainly increasing my standing strict overhead press. Before I started working with him my max was 205. My goal was to hit 225 at the end of 6 weeks, and I DID. Believe it or not, I had a 20 pound PR after 6 weeks. He was always answering my questions and he would help as much as possible during my 6 week cycle.

I still can’t thank him enough. I definitely see myself working with him again.

Thanks again Paul,



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  1. thats great that you improved your PR by 20lbs in just six weeks! i have been working out for the last couple of years and am still trying to improve myself. this post has motivated me to do better