Friday, March 20, 2015

10 week maximum muscle mass - fat loss

Another one of the guys that did the 10 week Maximum Muscle Mass program.
This was an example of a guy that needed to drop some fat on the program. He went from 240 to 223, but hit PR's in every single movement.


  1. What's up Paul? I've known about your site for a while, but just recently become engrossed with reading every article I can. SLL was the icing on the cake. Between you and Jim Wendler, the style of lifting for performance, and getting some basic hard conditioning in resonates with me far more than the typical bodybuilding style mentality ever did. Keep up the writing man, you inspire a lot of people!
    My question. In your book you recommend using Big/strong-15 while dieting, but in comments on the site I've seen you recommend against it, saying that those plans need food. Right now I am going into a 10 week dieting phase, and plan on using a 3 days/week push/pull/legs split, with ramped up conditioning. Would you recommend running running the Big-15 protocol on the big lifts?
    Also, do you still recommend working up to a heavy single, before doing the back off sets, i.e., Is this over warm up protocol always recommended no matter what phase you're in?

    1. I still recommend over warm ups for most training.

      I don't think it's a matter of recommending it while dieting or not. I think you just have to be aware that, most of the time, if you are dieting you probably won't be gaining mass. Strength gains can happen but it all depends on other factors.

  2. Yeah, I definitely understand there won't be mass gains, and its all about retention at that point. I was just unsure if you always recommended working up to the heavy single or if there were times where you didn't find that necessary and just worked up to a higher rep set or did a few sets across of higher reps.
    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hey Paul as the other guy stated your blog is great for it's variety of content it covers and no bs approach. Never ran your programs as written just because I like to tinker lol but your principles definitely shaped everything I prioritize. I'm a data Marine also so just trying to follow in your footsteps