Monday, May 31, 2010

Movie review of the week - Law Abiding Citizen

So I watched this last night. I meant to go see this in theaters but just never got around to it.

Gerard Butler plays a father who watches his wife and daughter murdered in front of his eyes, and sees the justice system fail to do its job. I love revenge movies and this was a GOOD one. Butler is convincing as a grieving father and Jamie Foxx, who plays the prosecutor, also does a solid job.

There are a few "huh?" moments plot wise but I don't find many movies that don't have those. This is a "moral of the story" movie in the end, and Butler's character does a fine job and making sure his rival (Foxx) understands what that moral is.

This is not a over the top great movie, but it is a very solid one. I definitely recommend it.

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