Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Training and eating on the road

Well I've been in Orange County for a few days and last night we went and ate Sushi. I am a big sushi fan, but this was without a doubt the worst sushi I have ever eaten. Zero taste and very slimy. Not only that, but the shrimp was definitely not cooked. So I woke up around 3 a.m. with some pretty bad stomach cramps and you guessed it, had some food poisoning. I was in and out of the bathroom until I had to leave for training around 7:30 and luckily I think I got it all out by then. I still felt very cruddy for the better part of the morning but by lunch I was good to go. One of the guys here with me who also ate a lot of the sushi ended up sick as well. Glad to report he is also feeling fine now, so it wasn't TOO bad.

Otherwise traveling to Cali has been awesome. We ate at Flemings the first night here and I HIGHLY recommend it. We ate 6 loaves of bread (yes 6), then I downed a 22 ounce steak, fully loaded baked potato, salad, and part of a dessert. Our waitress was 100% awesome and so was the staff. We did end up having one of the funniest things ever in my entire life happen, but it is not funny to tell the story, but I will try.

One of the guys I'm here with ordered mashed potatoes and when they brought it out, it was in a semi-large bowl with a spoon in it. The guy puts it on the table and grabs the spoon and starts chopping up the mashed potatoes at a rapid fire pace. I mean, faster than you can imagine. I figured he would do this for a few seconds and stop, but he didn't. He kept chopping these mashed taters with a fervor that is hard to describe. After 45 seconds or so I am having to hold my laughter in because the whole scene feels very ridiculous. After more than a minute I am barely holding it and then I make the mistake of looking across the table and see one of the guys I am here with, holding his napkin over his face so he too won't burst into laughter. Well that pretty much did me in and I started laughing hysterically. The waitress bumped me and said "stop laughing" in a playful way, and that made it worse. Then suddenly the guy stops chopping the mashed potatoes and walks away real fast. All three of us were in tears at this point and I laughed so long and hard that my abs cramped and I could barely breathe.

Again, it doesn't sound like the funniest thing you could ever hear but to be there was possibly one of the funniest moments of my life.

I actually trained today in the hotel gym which isn't too horrible. I did 5 sets of 20 with their 55 pound dumbbells on flat bench flyes, 3 sets of lat pulldowns, some upright rows, bent laterals, and db curls. My elbow is slowly feeling better and I think the light training for a few weeks has helped that a lot.

Let me also say that if you are a single guy, you need to move to Orange County. If you can afford it. I don't know that I've seen a single girl here that isn't incredibly attractive. It's hard to even describe. I guess that's what happens when you live somewhere where the weather is good year round and people are far more active than land locked states. We walked up and down Laguna Beach yesterday and there were kids everywhere on skate boards, running on the beach, playing volleyball, basketball, riding bikes, roller blading, you name it. People here are FAR more active and I don't know that I've seen anyone that is really overweight. Very refreshing.

I am supposed to train with Ed Koo this week but he has come down with some kind of sinus/bronchitis deal so I doubt we'll be able to do get a training session in, but we'll see. If not, it's all good. I wouldn't mind getting over to Gold's however, just for kicks and grins.

I will try to update the blog when I can. I have to pay for internet service in the hotel (this is strange to me, high speed used to be free everywhere even in shitty hotels) which sucks, but oh well.

Stay strong.


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