Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What constitutes weak -

We had the "what constitutes strong" post, might as well have one for what constitutes weak..........

  • Dance and easy listening music on the radio in the gym
  • No chalk in the gym
  • No deadlifting in the gym
  • Guys who are "only" guys.  Bench only, grip only, etc.  Weak shit.
  • Curling in the squat rack.  
  • Guys who accuse anyone stronger than them of being on steroids 
  • People who won't squat and deadlift
  • Chronic routine changers
  • Guys who worry about "medial delts" that can't overhead press their bodyweight 
  • Guys who worry about strengthening every freaking weak point when they can't even squat 500.  That's why you can't squat 500.    
  • War story guys (I used to be as strong as you) and guys who quit.  Save your F'n excuses (they always have em).  If you didn't have the sack to stay under the iron keep your opinions to yourself ass clown.  Both in real life, and on the net.  


  1. And...

    This thing:

  2. guys with little wieners