Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A tid bit on Base Building.......

One of the things I really tried to emphasize in BB is that you're not going to train ONE WAY forever, nor will you train one way to reach all of your goals.

It's not that "everything works" either. I hate that fucking saying. Everything DOES NOT work. It's about finding what works optimally to reach whatever goals you are trying to get checked off on.

The problem I have seen for years now, is the lack of ability from most guys to be introspective enough to know when they need change.

"My bench hasn't moved in 2 years."

Without fail, every time I've gotten this comment, that guy has failed to get bigger. Yet he's still doing heavy singles or doubles on his bench.

You have to GROW. You have to gain muscular SIZE in order to raise your strength ceiling. This is not even a debate, nor is it open for discussion. Most guys that fail to make serious progress in terms of weight on the bar or with rep PR's fail to do so because they have not addressed one of the principles of Base Building.

Muscular / Technical / Peaking

Each of these things BUILDS on the other. You want to get bigger? You must eat more, and move more weight. If your bench hasn't moved in two fucking years, and you're still 200 pounds, then you need to build a bigger muscular base. If you think "bodybuilding is gay" then enjoy not making progress because of your idealistic dogmatism.

Throughout your training life you will need to switch gears in order to get over hurdles. Often times guys don't ask the right questions, so they don't get the right answers. Training for strength isn't always what you need in order to get over a strength plateau. Training for size isn't always what you need in order to peak your maximum strength out.

I have reiterated this so many times that I finally realized that's what I wanted Base Building to encompass. And I didn't want to over inundate the reader with so much info that he left more confused than when he arrived.

It's simple. And it's in there.


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  2. So, does this book also contain nutritional info to go along with the training?