Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Training - Off season Base Building Press

Bodyweight 270

Bench Press - modified my grip and bar path a bit

bar x 20,20


315x8,8,8,8 all paused
365x1 fast

Wide Grip Bench - 225x8,8

Hammer Strength Pulldowns - 4 PPS x 6,6 - 2 PPS x 12,12

Upright rows and rope tricep extensions - 4 sets of each

Notes - First workout in a designed template by RP but using a lot of my base building percentage work.

I have altered my bench press a bit.  I have widened the grip to be exactly where my incline is.  So it's a bit wider, but still looks close compared to most regular benches.

I will be spending this offseason working on my quads a LOT.  They are obviously my weak link and I am bound and determined to bring them up.  A LOT.