Saturday, October 11, 2014

Montreal - Day 2

As my life would have it, I woke up at 5 and was unable to go back to sleep.  I didn't want to be awake, and I knew I had a long day ahead of me and my eyes were heavy, but it wasn't happening.

I had to meet Charles and Juan downstairs at 7:15 to eat and go train, so I just sort of vegged out in the bed.  Travel is hard on me for some reason.  I don't mean that in a bitch kinda way.  Generally it takes about two days before my hips and joints stop hurting.  Airplane seats seem to really fuck my hips and low back up a lot.  Not only that, but when I woke my elbows were screaming at me as if someone had taken a blow torch to them while I slept.  

Fortunately for me, I had to do presses that morning.  There's a deep amount of sarcasm in that in case you didn't pick up on it.  

After breakfast we headed over to Atlantis gym where we've been training, and went to work.  I knew a few sets in I wasn't going to have a very good morning but I tried to make the best of it.  

I wasn't going to barbell bench in the state my elbows were in, but for some reason db bench press doesn't bother them as much.  

Db Bench - 
30's x 40
40's x 30
50's x 20
100's x 10
150's x 5
100's x 20

Incline Press -
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 4

Pushdowns - 2 sets of 20

This was probably the worst session I've had in weeks and weeks.  Because of the travel and lack of sleep, I didn't sweat it too much.  Still, I'm a month out from a meet and it's not fun to have such lackluster sessions.

After training we headed over to the hotel for the seminar.  I told Juan "in about two hours we're both going to be fighting to stay awake."  Not because of the seminar obviously, but because neither of us like training that early and generally don't do so.  So I knew in about two hours we'd both get hit by that post workout fatigue.  

Sure enough, around 10:45 I started looking at the floor thinking how comfy that shitty carpet looked.  Juan turned to me and had what I call "doughnut eyes".  You know when someone is super sleepy and their eyes are just glazed the fuck over?  Yeah, like that.  

At lunch I got to meet the CEO of ATP supplements, Vincent Comtois.  We had a great talk about the supplement industry and the fact that supplements made in Canada are regulated more strictly.  Which is a good thing because it means whatever you see on the label, well, that's what is actually in that supplement.  So if you want to look into a name brand that actually contains what is in the bottle, check ATP out.  

I told Vince of my sleeping issues and he told me he had a supplement to help promote healthy sleep.  He kindly gave me a free bottle to test out (as I am writing this I can tell you that it worked REALLY well) for that evening.  

Post seminar I came back to the room, vegged for about an hour, then ate, caught up on e-mails and passed out.  I know some of the folks that helped get me here wanted to go out and do a little partying but I was really just too spent to do such.  I also told Charles I was going to take the morning off from training to rest up a bit.  I'm sure that made him want to call me a pussy and hit me in the nuts with a nail filled baseball bat.  

I will say that I feel like learning another language is something I really want to do now.  I hate everyone around me speaking French and not understanding a god damn word they are saying.  It's especially awesome when the women at the gym are talking to Charles about me and I have no fucking idea what they are gabbing about.  Apparently he told them I don't speak French and I color outside the lines as well.  

Overall, I'm tired as fuck but having a great time.  More updates soon.

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