Monday, October 13, 2014

Montreal - Day 4

I met Daine for breakfast this morning sans Dmitry.  I kind of figured that he'd be absent since he only had a few hours of sleep from the night before, trained, then taught all day.  

We went back to the hotel and I waited in the lobby for a while, as Daine had to grab some stuff from back in the room.  Dmitry came down and told me that sure enough, he got back to the room and passed out shortly after.  

We had to move to a new location for the seminar and Dmitry got right into his training for the morning.  

From the time we picked him up, to the time he cleaned 400 pounds and push pressed it with ease, it was 45 minutes tops.  So you're talking about a guy that can roll out of bed, no meal, no coffee, no water, and push press 400 pounds.  As I wrote on my Facebook, the next time someone is acting like king shit, or you're letting your own ego get out of control, just remember that there is some guy out there that can roll out of bed and easily move weights you can never dream about.  And he can do it without ego, without being a braggart, and think very little of it.  

Dmitry went over cleans and supplemental work for them after this.  As I noted before, I came away very impressed with his passion and work that he gives each individual person.  It's really incredible to watch someone of his stature to give that kind of effort.  

I also can't say enough about Charles as well. 

I'm going to say this right now.  I watched the most incredible thing I've ever seen in 25 years of lifting today.  I don't mean that exaggerating, and I'm not embellishing.  

Charles was working on people with tight hamstrings.  So one of the subjects got on the table to be examined for hamstring (lack of?) flexibility.  To say she was tight would be like calling the Grand Canyon a ditch.  Her hamstring mobility was exceptionally poor.  

Charles performed this series of witchcraft, no different than for the shoulder flexibility, and then had the other guy measure her hamstring mobility.  Instantly she had the flexibility of a fucking ballerina or gymnast.  Again, I'm not even embellishing.  Dmitry was across from me and we both looked at each other like "holy fucking shit!"  Again, in 25 years, I've never seen anything like it, and I'm telling you that if someone told me this, I would flat out call bullshit.  Had I not seen it with my own eyes, as did the other 30 or so people there, I wouldn't believe it.  

I am telling you, if you have a chance to get to one of Charles' seminars, book it and pay however much it costs to be there.  It will be well worth your time and money.  

At lunch is where the hilarity ensued.  

So if you read the excerpt from yesterday, I said that I told Dmitry the joke about the brick.  

"What's red and bad for your teeth?.........a brick."

We are sitting there at lunch and Dmitry looks at me and goes.....

"So I was thinking about your joke.  The brick one.  And, I get it.  It's very funny."  

The entire table exploded into laughter.  I could only think of Dmitry sitting in his room thinking about this joke for hours and hours and hours until it finally hit him.  And then he laughs.  

Shortly after this, the waitress comes to take our order and Dmitry is trying to order a "coke".  Because of his accent she can't quite make out what he is saying.  So she starts trying to mouth the word......cock.  Daine, at this point goes, "not cock!"  

"COCA COLA!" Dmitry says, enthusiastically.  And she finally gets it.

She turns to me and asks what I will have to drink and tell her "yes, I'll have a diet cock."  

Easily the most I've seen Klokov laugh since he arrived.  

Dmitry then explains to me about jokes in Russia.  That people don't joke, unless they undoubtedly preface it with the fact that IT IS just a joke.  That fucking around can get you stabbed, and then he proceeds to fake stab me in the ribs....not gently.  

We returned to the seminar and Dmitry went over other portions of the clean, and Charles did more insanely good lecture.  

As we were leaving Dmitry told me "let's squat tomorrow."  I agreed.  Then he said "and competition."  

"Of what?"  

"Deficit handstand push ups.  As many as you can."

"Ok.  What's your best?"


I've never done them before.  No fucks given.  If I get buried by one of the best in the world, I won't be hanging my head in shame.  Just being here has been an unbelievable privilege and probably the highlights of the 25 years I've been lifting.

I STRONGLY suggest anyone in the area of any of these seminars to make it out, and learn from both Charles and Dmitry.  There is a wealth of information being given that is beyond measure.  I also highly recommend looking into Charles' Kinetic Chain Modulation course as well, or any of his courses.  

If you want to sign up for any of these, check out the clean health website.  


  1. Awesome experience and thanks for the writeup. Good luck tomorrow on the competition with comrade Dimitry! A video would be epic!

  2. Fucking stupid awesome. Yes, get a vid if you can Paul!

  3. Wow this is awesome, so many worlds colliding. Fantastic write up.

    Being cheap, I think this is the only seminar I would shell out seminar-level dollars for.

  4. It would be awesome if Klokov said "I must break you" before the competition. So much awesomeness....