Friday, August 8, 2014

Gillian Ward - 3 weeks out from North American's - Lower Body Training

Morning Bodyweight of 132lbs

10 AM

Overhead Squat technique practice up to 175lbs 3x5
Snatch Practice

4 rounds of hell from the video: (video of last set)

5 135lb Overhead Squats
1 95lb Split snatch
8 95lb Walking lunges
10 single leg squats
1 95lb split snatch
8 95lb walking lunges
10 135lb back squats

Rest 5 minutes

Squat 135 10x10, one minute rest between sets

2 sets of leg extensions to failure

Later today I will do 1 hour of steady state aerobic work (4PM) and then 20 minutes of jump rope this evening (7PM)

This is the final stretch of contest prep and I've been advised to bring down my size so I have shifted gears away from my base work which is heavy barbell training of the main lifts and weighted bodyweight exercise. My movement choices do not change - only my load, volume and rest intervals.

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