Friday, August 22, 2014

Primer 4 - My article at T-Nation


  1. Hey Paul, nice read as always. Two questions:

    1)Any reason you picked chins instead of pullups? Many people consider pullups more challenging/complete.

    2) Do you think doing military press and rows would maintain shoulder development without any side/rear laterals or face pulls? Understanding.that one may not follow this forever, but could one go a year without finding lagging medial/posterior delts or any imbalance? (Asking for a non BBer of course)

    1. chins or pullups are the same thing to me really. grip style isn't a big deal.

      If you're 165 pounds you shouldn't be worried about laterals.

  2. I meant not pro level BBer looking for symmetrical muscular development, but I assume your answer is the same for a 200lbs intermwdiate level person just trying to get stronger.