Monday, November 3, 2014

A Meathead's thoughts about life, crap, relationships, and stuff is available's time.  

A meathead's thoughts about life, crap, relationships, and stuff is ready.  

This is a collection of random musings, articles, blog posts, and status' about shit I've written over the years.  This was something I worked on for a long time, and even hesitated to do.  However, because I wrote so much stuff related to non-lifting ideas, problems, circumstances, and the such, I figured it would be cool to throw together a sort of memoirs about this stuff.  

I also didn't want to get pigeon holed as a guy that ONLY wrote about training.  Even in my training books I often wrote about the parallels between lifting and life, and tried to expound on that in so many of my articles.  

Well, here it is.  I won't lie.  I always get nervous and have to prepare myself before I release a book.  It's nerve wracking for some reason.  But if it were easy, anyone would do it.  Or at least, that's what people say before you do shit that makes you nervous.

I want to thank Jen Iron as always for doing a great job on the graphics work.  

I also want to thank so many of you who urged me to do this.  Without your support and encouragement it doesn't happen.  Every time I doubted doing this, or quit on it for a while, somehow I'd end up getting messages from people asking me when it would be ready.  So I want to publically say thank you to everyone who did that.  It really meant a lot to me.  

I also wanted to do this for my girls.  When I am no longer around I wanted them to be able to look back through this and know how much they mean to me.  And maybe understand a few lessons that maybe we never got a chance to talk about much.  Or at minimum, feel like there was a part of me in those words and in those articles that was a reflection of who I was or who I am, at various times in my life.  Maybe some of the words in there would help them through a difficult time when I was no longer around to be an ear for them.  

It took a LOT of work sorting through what I wanted to put in there, and what I would discard.  Imagine 4+ years of articles, posts, status', and other things I've written but never posted anywhere.  Yeah, that took a while.  

I don't expect everyone to agree with what is in this book.  I take some hard stances on things I have strong beliefs in.  Like being a father, and being responsible for your actions and the outcomes they present you with.  Some topics related to that are going to piss some people off.  But I've been known for that a time or two.  I expect criticism for these stances because anytime you stand for something you believe in, there will be people that hate you for doing so. 

I'm fine with this.  

I should have paperbacks in it at some point.  Don't ask when.  I don't know.  It will be on kindle in a few weeks as well.  I wasn't going to do this in ebook at all but I had a lot of people ask for it early, so I will...for now.  After it hits kindle I will probably pull it as an ebook.  The market is so god damn flooded with people writing ebooks that I want to get away from it.  Going paperback is far more legit.  

So without further ado..................

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  1. G'Day Paul,

    Grabbed your book the other day- Great read so far. I only disagree with you on the Marshmellows!- I'm a browner!

    Seriously, some great stuff in there, which I will be able to use snippets of with the kids at work!

    Thanks Mate