Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My mass gaining article at T-Nation


  1. so paul in other words after we hit the top end ranges for upper body(10) and lower body (15-20) thats when we increase the weight?

  2. Good read. I liked the detail on 350 as I have been shooting for even reps, ie 17-17-16. It was good to read you should hit AMRAP starting with the first set. I am looking at doing my first powerlifting meet in early 2015 after following Basebuilding for 5 months thus far.

  3. Hi Paul!

    Can you recommend this program for a middle aged weekend warrior who only want to be a little more muscular?


    1. Not really. If you want to get a "little more muscular" that still generally requires someone to go balls out in training and diet. The body doesn't want to build muscle. So you must really force it to. Besides, what's a "little more muscular"? Go big or go home.

  4. Hey Paul, are these the techniques you used shortly after you started lifting weights?

  5. I appreciate this is an old post but I've been using this exact plan for several weeks and it's awesome...simple but amazingly affective

  6. Paul, why BB Row is 'as heavy as possible' and if all series (2x8 + 2x12) must be all with the same weight or should variate. Thank you!