Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kick off the new year by kicking ass

Well it's almost that time.

You know, the new years stuff. Everyone is going to pack into gyms for the start of the year with renewed vigor and energy to get lean, swole, strong, firm, toned, jacked, awesome, etc so forth and so on.

The problem is, most people end up last about 3-6 weeks before their vigor hits the "empty" mark on the gas tank, and those 6 days a week in the gym dwindle to 5, then 3, then 2....then somehow, negative days in the gym.

A big problem with that is people go in with long term goals to change their body with short term minds and short term plans.

A couple of years ago, I created LRB 365 for this very purpose.

It's a 365 day plan (for those that don't math, that's the entire year) to get leaner, stronger, bigger, more conditioned over the course of the year.

365 contains the following -

- A phase for mass gain
- A phase for conditioning and fat loss
- A phase for strength peaking
- Two sample diets depending on your goals
- A spreadsheet that makes all of your programming easy as pie

It's $10.

If you don't compete, but still want to end up looking more awesome by the end of 2015 than you did at the end of 2014, throw the $10 at it and make 2015 a priority towards doing so.

Or don't. And continue to ask questions all over the net with no direction and spin your wheels for another year.


  1. This plan is suitable for everyone?

    Best regards Giuseppe

  2. paul which mass gain do you prefer more, im hearing good things about the mass gain phase in basebuilding. Do you prefer the mass gain phase in 365 or basebuilding?

    1. I've used them both, and they both work well.

    2. I bought and downloaded it but can't open that type of file on my android phone aparently. Any ideas Paul?

    3. No idea. You don't have a PC or laptop? Check and see if you can download adobe reader for the Android.

  3. No i don't own either of those I have a smart phone and a tablet.
    so in case it comes up again with another customer the answer is they need to go to the Google play store and search for a Zip File Extractor.
    Use that to open the file. Save file to Adobe reader.
    Ta Da!