Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New focus and new routine

So my focus for the next few months is going to be improving my deadlift.  I will be using some techniques that Andy Bolton talked about in that tnat article.  The only difference is I will be doing 12 weeks instead of 16.

I am going to peel back squat and bench training.  When I talked to Ernie Lilliebridge at the Nationals, he told me he was stuck at a 500 bench forever until he dropped squats and pulls and concentrated on bench only.  It wasn't until then that he hit his all time best, 550.  I will not drop pressing and squatting all together, but I will make some changes.

Here they are, and why -

Mondays - Chest/Shoulders
Incline Press - 1-2 sets of 12-15 reps
Press Behind the Neck - 2 sets of 10-12 reps
Upright Rows - 1-2 sets of 10-15

Nothing fancy here.  Keeping the reps high and the weight will be mediumish (that's not a word I know).  No benching for a while to let the pec minors get back in good shape and just mentally to rest.  I love PBN so, Imma do em.  The upright rows are just for some extra trap and shoulder work.

Wednesdays - Squats and Pulls
Pause Squats - to a nice triple
Deadlifts - cycle work
Low Back Machine - 1x10-12

I will lay out what I am doing later in this.

Saturdays - Back/Biceps
Shrugs - 1-2 x 15-20
Pulldowns/Chins - 2x6-10
Tittay Machine - 1x10-12
Ez Curls - 1x10-12

Simple stuff here.  Some more trap work, lat work, and rhomoboid work.  Instead of doing rows I am going to attack the tit machine, and try to push the weight on that thing for rear delts and rhomboids.  Seems good to me.  Why not?

First 4 weeks of Deadlifting -

Doing pause squats instead of regular squats.  This is to keep poundage down while still building "hole" strength (yes, lots of jokes I know).

Week 1 - work up to a heavy triple right below the knee, pull 3x3 @ 50% from the floor
Week 2 - beat last weeks triple, pull 2x3 @ 55% from the floor
Week 3 - go for a max triple, pull 4x3 @ 60% from the floor
Week 4 - deadlifts

I will outline the next 8 weeks based on what I pull on the third week.  I should have an idea of what it might be.  So we'll see.

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