Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Music Post of the Week

I'm not really a Disturbed fan or a fan of "rock radio" but this video is fucking awesome and full of testosterone (even the chic at the end seems to have more test than most of the fucking nerds I work with)

Disturbed - Indestructible


  1. Paul,

    I know you aren't a rock radio fan, as you said above, but you have to check out a band called Fair to Midland. It is like progressive radio rock...if that makes sense. As a fellow musician I think you will really like their creativity.


  2. Dave - I do like rock radio however there has to be something I can appreciate from a musicianship standpoint. Like the singer from Shinedown is freaking amazing. And no matter how much people want to hate on Alterbridge, Mark Tremonti can shred with the best of em. He just never had a chance to shine in Creed.