Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Training - Legs

Bodyweight - 262

Didn't post it up last night because we were out of power, but did some traps, biceps, and abs and cardio.

Warm up - hip and ass machine, good and bad girl machines, calf press - 2 sets of each

Squats -
135 x 10
225 x 5
315 x 5
405 x 5

Leg Extensions - 3 x 10
Good Girl Machine - 2 x 10

Notes - man I forgot how weak and shitty you feel after a meet.  The vastus burned quite a bit on the 405x5 but mainly I was just stiff all over.  Will be talking more about routine changes in tomorrow's installment of thoughts about....


  1. Paul,

    You mentioned in a previous post that you think you'll be good for your total after 2 more training cycles. Will you run those back to back or have something between them? I'm compeeting my first meet Dec. 3rd and I've got exactly enough time to run two Strong-15's back to back, minus the "meet" day at the end of the first cycle. Would you advise something like this if you were prepping for a meet in ~4 months?

  2. Paul, I wondered if you had any opinion on starting squats from the bottom as advocated here:
    Perhaps as an occasional variation or assistance movement?

  3. Brandon - If you do that, make sure you have enough time to throw in a week of rest between the two cycles. If you don't, just run 1 cycle.

    Nilster - Your link takes me to google. But nevertheless, I like pause squats better because it's more closely related to the squat.

    Remember if you start a squat from the bottom like that, you have to set up from the bottom. But the fact is, you may not be in that particular position in the hole when doing regular squats.

    Remember that specificity reigns.

  4. So are the leg extensions rehab/prehab for you vmo? And if so how hard are you doing them? Good luck.

  5. I plan on working them pretty hard. Just as hard as I worked those good girl machine lifts.