Wednesday, January 22, 2014

E-Book Sale!

I get questions weekly from guys that wonder what book they should purchase based on their goals.

I will give a highlevel overview of each one to help with that.

Strength Life Legacy -

This is a complete work. With everything from prehab and rehab work, to bodypart specialization, to strength peaking, mass building, beginner and intermediate routines, technical cues and descriptions from the big 3 to an assortment of other lifts. I also cover a lot of things in regards to life lessons and such.

Base Building -

This is about developing the big 3 and developing a bigger foundation to work from both a strength and mass standpoint. This is really the bread and butter work from a powerlifting standpoint. I also cover a new strong-15 short cycle in it. Base Building become my mainstay of training philosophy and I've used it on every client I've had with tremendous success. Those clients have ranged from intermediate level guys to very advanced/elite level lifters.

LRB365 -

This is for the gym rat who takes his lifting just as serious as the competitive guy, and wants a long term year long plan to get bigger, leaner, and stronger. It has phases for each goal and lays it all out accordingly.

For right now I'm offering a coupon so that you can buy any 2 books and get $10 off. Only until February 28th. Just enter the discount code LRB (all caps) at checkout.

Thanks a ton for everyone's support!


  1. I tried to pick up the base building book and the LRB 365 book, but the website said my order needed to total $50 for the code to work.