Sunday, January 5, 2014

Training - Press

Bodyweight - 270

Paused Bench -
bar x 40,40


Incline Db Press - 150's x 10

Cable rows - half stack 6 x 20
Shrugs - 135x100

notes - This was a nice bench session.  The pauses on the first set of 5 wasn't as good as I wanted so I started in with triples after that and made sure they were longer.


  1. Did you do those 100 shrugs in a row, no rest?

  2. Hey Paul, you mentioned a while ago that you were experimenting with a wider (but not wide, just wider by your close-grip standards) grip. You look pretty close on these- did you change your mind? I have been researching this and am starting to see that this may be depend a bit on body type, like DLs or squats. I noticed that guys with thicker, more muscular upper bodies sometimes succeed pretty well on closer grip due to triceps strength. Guys with wide frames but not necessarily wide arms often do well on wider grips. That said, most people do well with wider grip (trade-off is shoulder issues, so this often suits protected multi-ply guys better in the long run), but there are definitely some people that get really strong narrow. I hear Hoornstra is planning to break Spoto's raw record this year at a BW of about 260 (insane), and is still benching thumbs length from the smooth (pinkie well inside rings) .

    1. That IS a wider grip for me. That is quite a bit wider than I had been going.

    2. Wow- and still inside rings!

  3. Is that Bryce Lewis spotting you?

  4. What do you drink during your sessions? I usually see some colored drink in a gallon of some sort.

  5. Hey Paul what's your opinion on the sling shot for benching as a way to bench more often pain free? I know it deloads the pecs but if you do enough pec work is it useful?

  6. My bad looks like a simple search shows you've answered this.