Friday, January 17, 2014

Testimonial using the strong-15 and 350 method

Hey Paul,
Just wanted to give you a quick write up about your strong 15 short cycle. I competed in September and used wendler (5/3/1) leading up to it and put up 415/270/429. 

It set the tone and some baseline for me from there out but was short by about 30# of my class 2 total. I did some off season training until I read about your strong cycle. I only had time to do the short version but the way you set the progression and back off work was very appealing so I gave it a shot. 

I set my goals for the meet at 440/290/450-460. The whole training went awesome and didn't miss a session or a weight and also added your 350 method on some of the assistance and this felt great. I highly suggest people use this if they are short on time and wants some pain tolerance training. I ended up getting sick due to some holiday traveling and my kids so I repeated the 4th week to get back on track.

 I only went up to the 5th week then deloaded due to time but I felt ready. Meet day came and I felt great besides as light back/ piriformis muscle tightness. Squats up and I had my buddy wrap my knees for me with his thick wraps and damn what a difference. 

I called for 451# and it went up smoothly. 

Bench was next and it went roughy. It's always been my weakest of the three but 262 flew up for 2nd attempt so I called for 292. Lifted off but ended up losing my tightness after the pause and got all red lights. 

Deads came about 3 hours later and despite my back strain that wanted to reoccur during my third attempt on bench, I felt good and fast during warm ups. Opened with 375(light) 2nd at 424 and lastly at 451. It flew up and wish I would have gone up maybe 10 kilos but because bench south I wanted to hit something I know I could for my total. 

All in all finished with an 1160 total and qualified for nationals and taking the silver medal for my class. 

The things I did that I think really helped during training:
1) the 350 method for assistance and really focused my energy and intensity on the main lifts(obvious)
2) the agile 8 hip low back warm up. Highly recommended.
3) paused conventional deads just below the knees at the given back off sets for the day. I always lost my deads at this point so these helped IMO.

I Increased my total by about 45 pounds and found a few more areas I need to tweak but overall your program kicked ass and will run it again to prep for my next meet. Thanks Paul!

Brian McKenna

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