Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video Q&A

Post up a question and I will do my best to answer it in a video Q&A later.


  1. I have learned thumbs around the bar benching and thumbs on top of the bar squatting, though I see tons of top lifters doing the opposite. Personally, I am hesitant to go thumbless benching and I don't like the position it puts my hands/wrist in with my thumbs around the bar when I squat low bar. My arm angle is also more in line with my torso when I am thumbs on top, but I remain curious and continue to play with grip on both lifts. Pros/cons to both sides?

    Thanks, Paul!

  2. Have you ever by any chance discussed the deadlift as a mass builder with Michael Israetel? The reason I am asking is I recently googled him because of your high praise for him, and I read an interview that he did more than a year ago where he stated that he viewed the deadlift as one of the top 5 exercises for building mass. This I found interesting because I believe I have seen you write more than once (I may be wrong on this) that you don't think the deadlift is great for adding mass.

    This is the interview I'm talking about: http://benchmarkstrength.com/5/post/2012/8/interview-with-renaissance-periodization-co-founder-mike-israetel.html

  3. how the hell do i stop psyching myself out of lifts. i keep getting adrenaline rushes and everything feels much heavier than it should. im pretty sure its a fear of reinjury(been insanely overinjured in the past, partially due to the retarded max out all the time thing). and why does my mother not love me. PICK MINE BECAUSE ITS THE BEST

  4. Dear Paul,

    I am novice at best so if my questions seem odd, please bear this in mind.

    [1] Ideas for conditioning in base building/mass building (not including strongman training as outlined in base building). Would jogging 1, 2 or 3 miles on training days suffice?

    [2] Abb work for base building and mass training, what would you recommend, Abb wheel 5 sets of 10-20 reps?

    Thanks Paul.

  5. damn ( front ) press has stalled-more work on tri's? front delts ie front raises? i try to keep my overhead, close grip bench, a thumb from the smooth and incline barbell just over that ( about a thumb length and a half ) from the smooth if that matters..i work the hell out of upper back and lats already..im using 531 right now for the press..any suggestions?

  6. Hey Paul, what do you thimk on BCAA during training instead of protein??

    1. I like both but now i like gatorade and whey better for sure.