Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kevin Ogar and being part of the solution

From the LRB Facebook page.......

I feel the need to write about this because I've seen the news about Kevin Ogar and talked with my best buddy about it today.

I want to make it very clear, that I feel it is never, ever ok for someone to use a tragedy in order to create a soapbox to stand on to speak out against something they don't like. Especially when it's something as trivial as a sport, or lifting weights.


But in this case, it's even more despicable. Kevin is paralyzed now, and there have been people using what happened to him as a way to further their hate message and detest for Crossfit.

Let me shed some light on a few things here if you don't mind.

First off, we all are involved in the athletic endeavors we invest our time in because we love them. Whether that's powerlifting, strongman, crossfit, football, or what have you.

Can you imagine someone spouting venom and hatred about their dislike of football and using a player that was paralyzed as a reason as to why it's "stupid" or some other nonsense?

Yet this is what has happened in this situation. And it makes me sick.

Someone doing Crossfit that you don't even know personally, literally has no bearing on your life. None. Zero. It doesn't cause a lack of money in your pocketbook nor does it decrease your quality of life. So why someone would pipe up and use something like this as a platform in order to preach against the "dangers" of crossfit, sickens me.

Crossfit is something many athletes do because they enjoy it. Let me rephrase that. They ENJOY IT. To my knowledge, no one is being forced to do it. People participate in it for reasons personal to them. No different than some of us participate in other athletic undertakings for the exact same reason. Yet I read vitriol spit out daily about crossfit, and whether it's message is embedded in truth or not it seems excessive to me. Live your life, be happy, and let other people live their life and do their lifting in a way that gives them joy.

I have no idea what would make someone want to use Kevin's tragedy as a platform to speak out against crossfit, but we have a lot of fucked up people in the world. So I guess I should just expect it.

As I have said and written many times before, if you think crossfit needs improving and it means THAT MUCH to you, then become part of the solution to improve it. That, or shut the fuck up. It's ok to bitch, but don't bitch about something unless you are part of the solution. Certainly, don't show a lack of character by parading around as if doing a victory lap after someone is paralyzed while doing what they love. People get hurt, injured, and even killed all the time doing the things that give them happiness. Using those tragedies as a means to speak out against that joy is hollow and self serving bullshit. Be bigger than that.


My thoughts go out to Kevin Ogar and the people that love him. I don't know Kevin, but that doesn't matter. I wish him all the best and hope the very best for him in regards to his recovery.


  1. Hell yeah. Love your no bullshit views on the world.I hate crossfit SO I DON'T DO IT. If anyone did the same with thing with squats it would infuriate me. Keep shooting straight and I will keep reading.

  2. I'm pretty disgusted people on line are using his accident as a way to back their dislike of
    Crossfit. Im not a Crossfit fan but I agree 100% in what your saying.