Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Couple of awesome testimonials

It never gets old getting these.

hey Paul, I ran your strong 15 peaking cycle and it really was a great success. I'm 18 years young, and I had my second meet yesterday at the WNPF New Jersey States championship in the 181 raw weight class. I had a 105 lb squat meet pr from 320 to 425! Granted I put on a belt for this meet. Also, my bench went from 280 to 300 (very easy), and then a 415 deadlift to 500 lbs. My total last year was 1015, and this year went all the way up to 1225. Every lift was way higher than what I programmed in to strong 15. Your program really gave me the confidence I needed. Irrelevant to the competition, but on one of the AMAP's on strong 15, I ended up benching 240x8 to my total surprise, a great pr. I definitely peaked in the best way for this meet. Thanks a lot for your seemingly infinite amounts of knowledge, keep writing and keep lifting, running and banging.  -- Anthony DeSousa


I ran strong 15 into my meet i had this weekend and went 9/9 and had only had 2 hours of sleep and went 9/9 Squat(65lbPR)

Bench(55lbPR) Deadlift(100lbPR) Total(215lbPR) 4 PRS and has ALOT left in the tank for every lift. I even wore your shirt to support LRB. 

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