Thursday, June 12, 2014

E-Books all on sale and an endorsement from Charles Poliquin

Base Building, Strength Life Legacy, and 365 are ALL on sale.

But even bigger than that, is that I made the very small list of books that Charles Poliquin recommends on strength training.

It's hard to explain how surreal it feels to make that list.  I have looked up to Charles for such a long time and thought of him as a major authority on strength and muscular development.

It's truly humbling and an honor to make his list of three best books on strength development.  I can't say thank you to Charles enough for this.


  1. Congrats Paul,

    Base Building is an excellent book as is SLL. I was just talking to my boss about BB what progress is, an letting PRs come to you rather than forcing them. I don't read a ton of blogs or sites but yours is one of the ones worth coming to. I like the real world applicability.


  2. Hey Paul,

    I'm sure you get this all of the time but I really wanted to start by thanking you first and foremost for all of the work you do. I have been a long-time follower of the blog and of the stuff you had done with Jamie and don't think you two get enough acknowledgement in the community.

    As it relates to the sale, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind either directing me or sharing your recommendations on what book to start with in terms of running your programs and getting myself out of a rut. I've been programming for myself for some time and am looking to run something you've already written out that others have had success with.

    Again, man, thanks for everything.


    1. Honestly, not to be a salesman but you should probably get SLL and Bse Building. One sort of builds on the other in a way.