Sunday, June 22, 2014

"I'm all out of love, I can't live without you...."

Poor blog, totally neglected this week as I've been in Tucson, Arizona training a team of powerlifters at Evolution Tucson on the Base Building method.

I will be doing a full write up in the next few days of my adventures here banging strippers and doing lines of coke off of their tits.

Ok so I really just sat by the pool a lot and went out to eat but strippers and lines of coke grab the attention a lot better than what I really did.

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  1. Hi paul. I am mukund from india. Bought base building last week. Just wanted to thank you on sharing your experiences and providing such a lot of wonderful advices in this blog. Thanks man. Reading almost all your e books and blog I have decided to follow your philosophy to a T. I will update you with my progress. Again thanks a ton for all the work you have put in.