Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Training - Squats and stiffies

Bodyweight - 264

High Bar Squats -

bar x 10,10
315 x 5 sets of 5
405 x 4 sets of 5

Pause Squats -
500 x 3,3,3

Deficit Stiff Legs -

225 x 5
315 x 5
405 x 5
500 x 5
545 x 2 sets of 5

Notes - Haven't put up a training post in a while because as weight has been dropping my strength has really been all over the place.  Squats felt like shit today, but stiffies felt ok.  The last time I did 2 sets of 545 x 5 I was about 280 so I felt this was solid.


  1. Is this your first run at dropping some body weight while using Base Building?
    Might be worth an article / longer blog post sharing your experiences compared to other things you tried.

  2. Yes it is, and the best thing is I just adjust my EDM and workouts keep on going.

    Once I settle in at 255 I'll do a write up on that.

  3. Good stuff Paul. Do you mind if I ask what your diet looking like while dropping weight during base building?

  4. My diet genius Mike Israetel does all of it. I got tired of messing with it myself so I found an expert.

  5. Hi Paul, I've been doing base building now for just over 3 months and have made fantastic gains, I think you've made an incredible training system. I'm stronger, more conditioned and less beat-up than 3 months ago, thankyou. I'ts almost hard to beleive that training can be this simple, and progress can be made without super heavy weights or sets to failure, just by staying in the right zones. I feel better both in and out of the gym, again thankyou.

    1. Great to hear man! I keep getting these kinds of testimonials and it's awesome because that's exactly what base building did for me as well.