Monday, July 12, 2010

Jim goes 1760 raw

My buddy Wendler did a meet this past weekend and went 1760 raw (belt and wraps).  He didn't tell me his weight because Jim is riddled with apathy and didn't care.  If his shoulder hadn't been totally FUBAR I think he could have gone 1800 fairly easily.

So a big congrats to Jim.  Enjoy your vacation hombre.


  1. I think he could've done a whole lot more.

    650 looked solid, a bit high, but very fast.
    405 looked very easy
    705 was a decent lift, seen better..

    1760 total, nice! How much were you building up to paul?

    Cheers to jim,

    Mark from holland

  2. Jim's shoulder was in real bad shape for this meet. Had it not been hurt 460 was probably in the cards. That puts him at 1820.

    I too thought Jim went conservative on his lifts and had a lot more in him but he got what he wanted (outside of the bench).

  3. He looks buff too.. 5/3/1 twice a week, with 2 sessions of hillsprints a week.. it pays off..


  4. He does look sexy. And that's simple simple stuff. And Jim doesn't even eat very good.