Saturday, July 3, 2010

Training - Squats and Injuries -

Well I have not been feeling too great for the last several days but I had been sucking it up and working through it.

Today that would catch up to me.  I worked up to 515x3 on squats then pulled my left adductor on the 3rd rep. I shut it down after that and went home.  But the constant pain in my abdominals and painful urination caught up with me and I went to the ER and I tested positive for a urinary tract infection.  I guess peeing brown for a day is not normal?  Who knew?

Anyway I should be good in a day or so and I will do some light squats tomorrow and maybe do the pulling portion of my workout.  I should be fine and will do some rehab work for the adductor this week and then squat heavy again maybe in two weeks.


  1. Good luck Paul. Your urine tract infection will heal within a couple of days i'm sure. I assume they put you on antibiotics?

    Keep the articles coming Paul, I really enjoy your style, and your thoughts about training and food.



  2. Thanks Mark. I got a shot. Already feeling better.