Saturday, July 17, 2010

New goals, new plans

Well, I'm still slightly loopy from my pain medication and my wife is typing this for me.  But I wanted to get some thoughts out on the blog about my goals and plans for the next twelve months.  

For the next several months I will be concentrating on conditioning, leg work, neck work, lower back, abs, and hamstrings. I'm going to put in a concentrated effort to get my bodyfat down to a legit 6-7%.  I will probably be  instituting a 5x5 day of squatting with low percentages then another day of single leg work with an emphasis on glutes and hamstrings.  I will be doing steady state two to three times a week and hill running twice a week.  

This plan may change as I encounter road blocks with the program and I will document any of that here.  

My goals for the next twelve months will be to get to 240-250 very lean and get as close as possible to the standards that Jim and I laid out for "What Constitutes Strong".

So you will be seeing me working with lower percentages and higher reps during this time.  

The plan is to increase hypertrophy through the high rep/heavy weight program with a variation on conditioning throughout the program.  As I get more of this ironed out I will post it here. 

Thanks again to all the meatheads who showed me some love in the time of my injury.  I appreciate your support and encouragement.  I hope I can repay everyone with more quality articles in the future.  

I am excited about my new focus and will attack it with the same fervor that Aretha Franklin attacks some Macdonalds. 


  1. Hello Paul, what do you think about doing something similar to 5/3/1, but with higher reps? Let´s say.. 12/10/8? To get as close as possible to the standards that Jim and you laid out for "What Constitutes Strong".. It´s something that I have been thinking during some time..

  2. i will probably do something like that yeah.

  3. Good luck Paul!

    I suppose you will still keep your traininglog here?

    240-250 @ 6-7% is very lean and huge!

    Can't wait for the next articles, and I have no doubt you will succeed in youl goals.


    Mark from Holland

  4. Looking forward to seeing your pix as you progress. 6% BF is no mean feat!

  5. thanks clint. yup I know it will be tough but I need something to sink my teeth into while my body gets back to 100%.