Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Fold em
I'm taking this week off of lifting I think.  I've only got 5 weeks of training time left but my training cycle has not been going well, I just went to the ER for a UTI, my elbow and adductor are killing me and I still feel like shit.  Like I wrote in that other article, sometimes you hold em and sometimes you fold em.  I'm gonna fold em this week, try to feel better and then see if I can have a nice run to to finish the month up.

Carwin was robbed.  That fight is stopped 99% of the time.  He landed 47 strikes with Lesnar doing nothing but turtling up like a bitch.  I laugh at the people who talk about what a warrior Brock was for coming back to get the sub.  Get a clue.  Carwin wiped himself out going for the finish.  The ref kept saying he was going to end it if Brock didn't improve his position.  He never improved his position and the ref never called it.  Makes no damn sense.  Either way, giant holes were exposed in Brock's game.  His stand up is shit and so much for him being some freakish athlete.  Carwin had no trouble stuffing his take down attempts when they were both fresh.  Funny how throwing a guy the same size as him in there neutralized all of his "freakish" ability eh?

I finally saw Avatar.  It was solid.  I wasn't blown away by the story of course because it was about as straight forward as you can get (Pocahontas is the SAME story).  But it was really eye popping.  I am usually a high brow movie guy but I sometimes allow myself to enjoy eye candy.  This was one of those occasions and it did not disappoint.

Worst service evar
AT&T has the worst service ever.  Cell phone service sucks and we tried to get their U-Verse.  The guy that was supposed to install it never even showed up!  NEVER EVEN SHOWED UP.  No call, no nothing.  Just didn't show up.  Wow.

Stupid jobs
My wife sent me a link for a job for fitness writers.  They want two articles a week of 400 words.  No pay.  Kiss my ass.  If I'm gonna do it for free I'll just do it here.

Joke of the week -

A man was dragging a young boy into the woods as it neared dark.  The kid cried

"Mister please don't hurt me.  I'm so scared."

The man looked at the kid and said "You're scared?  I gotta walk back alone!"

Hope everyone had a great 4th!  



  1. I had to do the same this week...mostly because of work. Hope you are feeling better next week.

  2. Thanks Jon. I actually went in and trained tonight. LOL! I'm pretty stupid at times.

  3. "Carwin was robbed. That fight is stopped 99% of the time."

    Just because MMA referees have gotten into the shitty practice of stopping fights early doesn't mean it's right. Most of Carwin's punches hit Lesnar's arms. Every time Rosenthal threatened to end the fight Lesnar managed to push Carwin away with his legs or kept moving long enough to make it obvious he was still conscious.

    In fact, Lesnar was so in control of his senses that he even managed to get off the ground with a 280+ lb man leaning on him. If he can do that, I think a TKO finish would have been a horrible call.

    Maybe you need to get a clue. The guy you were hyping for the last few weeks lost. Get over it.

  4. I watched the fight with guys who actually fight in MMA, and they thought the same thing (that the fight should have been called after 10+ shots were landed as Lesnar went into the fetal position). Maybe they need to get a clue as well?

    Lesnar already admitted he didn't know where he was at one point in that fight. So basically yeah you have no idea what you're talking about. Get his nuts off of your chin.

  5. Not a Brock fan, just a good fight fan. I thought for sure they were going to stop it several times. However, do you think that Brock's near fatal illness had anything to do with him looking and performing like shit in this fight?

    I know with my training, both times I have come back from a 6 week layoff for my pacemaker surgeries 225 feels like a TON on my back trying to squat it!


  6. I don't think him looking like crap had anything to do with his layoff. If anything I thought his bodyfat levels looked better than ever. Brock is a lifetime wrestler, so he's probably never going to be super comfortable standing. Some guys, like Carwin, can do it but Brock appears to be a guy that's always going to go back to his bread and butter. Like most wrestlers, he didn't look too comfortable "fighting" from his back either.

    I give him credit for not getting KTFO like most guys have. But outside of that? Not much. He won because the other guy shot his wad and was gassed starting the second round.

  7. why so much hate 4 lesnar bro? u gotta at least give him credit 4 having an iron chin, not many guys woulda taken that beating and come back 2 win. and carwin gettin robbed? my understanging is the fight only gets stopped if your not intelligently defending yourself yeah? he had his hands up the whole time. and the the fact he came back and won showed he wasnt that badly hurt.but yeah no doubt his standup is woeful. how u think he'll go against cain? a smaller guy, but with better cardio. anyway, i like your blog bro, keep it up.

  8. You clearly didn't read what I wrote. I know fighters too so don't feel too proud of yourself. It seems like you're blinded by hate and don't want to give Lesnar any type of respect.

    If you want to write your blog all confrontational, don't cry when people write back using the same tone of voice.

  9. I give Brock credit. He's a good fighter. Anyone with his size and level of grappling is going to be a tough matchup in any fight.

    But let's keep this in perspective. He was within inches of being put out in round 1 - lost the round 10-8 and really his only saving grace was his opponent gassed himself out by punching Brock in the head too much. That is far from a long-term winning strategy.

    As far as being confrontational, you haven't seen it. I merely gave my opinion on the matter. Oh and it is my blog, I hit the ALLOW button on your comments to be posted. So if I were "crying" would that happen? I think it's hysterical for you to talk about crying and being confrontational when you hide behind an Anonymous name. Go figure.

  10. Fuck AT&T go with Verizon if possible. Their cell service, phones and cable/internet package is the shit.

  11. What's funny is, the guy never showed up but we got a call from an automated machine asking how we liked our service.


  12. Sorry, I don't feel like going through the entire process of creating a username. But I can tell you that we have corresponded by email and you do know my name.

  13. Well then if that's the case that means I probably helped you out, and maybe you shouldn't come into my blog telling me I need to get a clue?

  14. Our email correspondence wasn't really for help. I was basically parroting your style in my original post. But what's done is done. What's your opinion of Cain's chances and who do you think Carwin should fight next?

  15. As I noted in the Q&A, if Cain can stuff Brock's shot like Carwin did he should win. Brock is a 1-dimensional fighter, although strong in that dimension, but he can't stand and win a fight. Esp against a top level kickboxer. If he can get it to the ground Brock should win.

    Carwin will probably get the loser of the Dos Santos / Big Country fight. The winner of that fight (Nelson/Santos) gets a shot at the belt.