Thursday, April 8, 2010

Movie Post of the week - Inglorious Basterds

Wow. That's the first word that comes to mind. Not in a "wow" like I just saw Kate Beckinsale in those leather pants again wow. More like a "wow" I just spent too much time at that people of wal-mart site.

What a complete waste of movie time. Tarantino...what is wrong with you? I was calling the movie "shots" before they happened. There is really no suspense in the scenes where he tries to build it because you already know everyone is going to die. He's never done that before!

:::rolls friggin eyes:::

"Yeah that's what makes it cool!" says the dumb guy.

No idiot, that's what makes it predictable. And predictable is boring.

And we got it QT, everything comes full circle...and those people die anyway. Your plot is predictable, the pace is slow, there is no meaning to anything. When he can't figure out how to finish a scene.......let's just shoot everyone. QT has tried to duplicate Pulp Fiction too much. The only surprise movie was from dusk till dawn. And it was only a surprise because it had vampires in the end. And I don't care if you haven't seen it. There's nothing worse than someone who cries like a baby because you told a spoiler. Well, there is something worse. Spending more than 2 hours on another QT film.

73 thumbs down.

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