Tuesday, April 27, 2010


28Apr10 - Pressing stuff

bodyweight - 240

Incline Press -
135 x 15
185 x 10

225 x 20
225 x 10
185 x 15

Laterals - side front and rear 20 pounders x 20 reps

Notes - Elbow is really hurting tonight. Wasn't feeling great so just got some reps in and called it a night. Just two more weeks and then a long deload (vacation in Vegas). Will ice it some more tonight and some more ibuprofen. Getting old(er) sucks.


  1. Paul, if your looking for a gym in Vegas, you might consider Average Broz Gymnasium. John Broz (the owner) is training Pat Mendes ...possibly the strongest teenager alive (see link below).


    As I understand it, John follows an interesting training philosophy. You essentially follow these steps...

    1. Get empty bar and warm-up until you break a sweat.
    2. Start adding weight and do the lifts.
    3. Start with a few reps and as weight gets heavier do singles.
    4. Keep adding weight and doing singles with heavier weight until you fail.
    5. Whatever was the last single you did; multiply it by 90% to give you volume weight (or just drop 15-20kg).
    6. Do volume weight 2r*5s.
    7. Repeat 7 days a week 365days/year

    Here is an article on John and his gym:


  2. Funny, fan those Pat Mendes vids are popping up everywhere right now. Kid is brutally strong.

    I don't know if I could train like that everyday. I'd get ground into dust!