Saturday, August 21, 2010

My diet on doggcrapp

I had someone ask me a little about my time doing DC training on a board, and I thought I'd repost it here.

Pretty much did DC exactly like Dante lays it out. The main thing I did was big eating again (clean a good portion of the time but some junk in there to up the cals too). I kept cardio up pretty high, 45 minutes of steady state 3 times a week on off days, and drank a shit load of green tea. I did the program to the T and it worked awesome. I was ready mentally though. I don't know that I'd want to do that kind of thing again anytime soon. But it certainly got me over the rut I had been in for a long while. 

I was also living in Wichita during the week and coming home on the weekend so all week I just trained and ate and could focus on that. I still remember my diet at the time. 

5:30 or 6:00 - two scoops of protein powder in pineapple and orange juice 

8:00 - at work I would throw 4 egg whites and two whole eggs with cheese and turkey in it into the microwave and heat it up until cooked. Everyone complained every single morning for a year about this. I'd have two pieces of bread with natural peanut butter on it, a whole grapefruit, and a cup of oatmeal. 

10:30 - MacDonalds run. I would get 4-6 regular hamburgers. 

12:30 - Two chicken breasts with rice and veggies. 

3:30 - Pre-training - Oatmeal with protein powder 

5:00 - Training - gatorade with bcaa 

6:30 - Post Training - Usually my training partner and I would go to one of two Japanese places we liked and I'd get more some chicken and rice dish. 

8:30 - 9:00 - Usually another shake in milk. Sometimes I would have bought two things of the chicken and rice from the Japan place. 

The other thing was, I had no distractions so I was in bed by 9:30 almost every night. This was my diet pretty much for a solid year. After I got home full time I think it changed a little but not much. I think the diet, as usual, played the biggest part in growing again. Not that DC isn't a great size gaining program but anytime I think of times I got bigger or smaller the diet was the biggest difference.


  1. Thanks again for that Paul.

    I like his ideas, getting progressively stronger with higher reps is a good way to go and I like the fact he's not afraid to advocate big eating, something which people shy away from promoting on the online forums at least these days. Strange though, go back ten years and that's exactly what you'd hear, 'do your squats, gain 50lbs and then we'll talk about dieting down'. The combination of that and cardio/diet restrictions all makes for a good package.

    One thing I am dubious about are his claims for how much muscle people are putting on. I think other factors are involved there which aren't made as clear, not everyone is going to walk around as big or bigger than Reg Park in his prime completely naturally. But overall that doesn't detract from his method, which seems sound.

    Cheers, Fazc

  2. This is true, however the training method for getting bigger is still sound and proven even for natural guys. Again, that's not where I'm at in my current mindset of training but if I were still shooting for just pure overall size DoggCrapp is a good one to choose.

  3. Is the Kcal. importent or do you just eat as mush as possi.? i was just wondering if there was some nummer to aim at?

    Cheers Thomas, Denmark