Friday, August 13, 2010


Tonight -

High bar squats -
250 (essentially my bodyweight) - x 20 x 20 x 20

That was it.  That was tougher than you'd think.


  1. hows the biceps doing Paul?

    Mark from Holland

  2. Lots lots better Mark. thanks for the concern. Only three weeks in and I'm already starting to do a little upperbody work.

  3. Good to hear!

    I was reading your "10 thing every sounds training program should have" article..

    I have a question about the 2:1 push-pull ratio.

    What are your thoughts on intensity?

    For example.. with the pressing exercises it's the most sound thing to work at quite a high intensity. Lots of reps at or above 85% are not uncommon.

    Rowing and chins are most of the time more than in a 'flushing' way, going for the pump, call it whatever you want.

    Is that a problem? Or is that the reason you advice to do twice as much pulling reps?

    I was just thinking, one heavy single on the bench will have a lot more impact on the body than a repout at the DB Row..

    Am I overthinking it, or am I onto something?


    Mark From Holland

  4. You can do things like bent laterals or band pull aparts if you need to make up the difference. The point in stressing it is to make sure you don't unbalanced in the shoulder which will set you up for injury. No one has ever had too much back mass/strength. So just make sure if you can't meet the 2:1 ratio with chins and rows add in some bent laterals or band pull aparts or something like that.