Saturday, August 21, 2010

Out on the town

The last week and a half has kinda sucked.  Just had a lot of BS drama going on in my life and I hate drama.  So that has been eliminated now and last night the wife and I went out with a couple of great friends for dinner and drinks.  I haven't been able to kick back and relax in a while and it felt awesome to do.  Also I have been training the female of the couple who went with us, and she has lost over 20 pounds in the last two months and looks like a different person than before.

Either way, just wanted to give an ode to having great friends and good times.  That really is what life is all about.


  1. Hey Paul is that you on the right?If so m we need to know how your arms got so big! Great blog BTW!!

  2. Yeah that's me. I don't do a lot of direct arm work. I do close grip benches for my default bench grip and lots of chins. If I do bicep or tricep work it's always light stuff to keep my elbows feeling ok like some db curls and overhead rope work but I like to use arm work almost as a recovery tool. I think the arms get plenty of stimulation from heavy pressing, chins, and rows.

  3. Gotcha Paul cool. Some dudes say you need direct arm work to get em huge, but I was never too sure. I've tried both but I never really got the reps up on chins...

    It seems like I cant get past a certain number. I can knock out about 10 good ones - full extension - and I weight 230. Funny thing is I can do about 7 with forty pounds strapped on. Maybe it's mental.

    Judging from some of your other posts I'm guessing I could just up the total volume and not worry about being able to hit 15+ in a row....

  4. Yeah there are a lot of ways to improve em.

    Any of these work -

    Chin multiple times a week -

    Use a 5x5 progressive plan over the course of weeks or so, working up to a top set of 5 -

    1,2,3 weighted ladders. -

    Go for a total number of reps, like 40 or 50, whatever, and try to beat the number of sets it took you to get there each week -

    All of those focus in some way on progression. Just keep that in mind. When you stop progressing just make a switch. You're still chinning so the carryover will always happen, i.e. if you get good at one of these you should be better at all of them.

  5. Thanks Paul, I'll try that.