Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Really looking forward to preparing for this meet.  The last cycle I could never get things dialed in.  Even squatting felt awkward.  But right now I feel pain free in my elbows and my conditioning is good.  I'm not 100% positive but more than likely this is going to be my routine starting as of Tuesday...

Tuesday - Deads
Deads - cycle work
Hamstring Movement - 1x12-15
Upper-Back Movement - 1x12-15

Thursday - Bench
Close Grip Bench - cycle work
Incline Barbell or Incline Db Press - 1x12-15
Rear Delts - 1x12-15

Saturday - Squats
Hip and Ass Machine - warm up
Squats - cycle work
Pause Squats - 1x5

That's pretty much it.  I may not even do the assistance work listed and may bench every other week like I normally do, but since my elbows feel ok I will try benching every week to start.  635/425/640 on my second attempts is the plan.  No belt, no knee wraps @ 242.

My bicep is back to 100% I think.  I did some chins messing around the other night.  Although I admit I was hesitant.  That's the biggest factor in coming back from injuries.  Getting over the mental aspect.  Your body may be ready but you still lack confidence.  Even after 20+ years of this shit I still go through that.

I have a feeling I am going to struggle to stay in the 242 weight class from here on out if I want to keep competing.  Truth is at 5'11" I am more suited to the 275 weight class but I don't want to weigh anywhere close to that.  If I could walk around at 260 lean?  Yeah.  But I do ok at 240 now where my bodyfat hovers around 9% or so.  I do like to eat though and every winter I end up at 265-270 without thinking much about it.  I never feel good at that weight however, and I am going to try and avoid it this winter.  I may push my weight up a little bit however.  Just not 270 or more.

Watched Clash of the Titans last weekend with the kids.  I didn't think it was all that terrible and it got blasted in the reviews.  Maybe it's because I just enjoyed that time with the family more than anything.  My youngest had a ton of funny comments about everything that happened.

Speaking of my youngest, at the gym a few weeks ago she was in the kids area and one of the care takers there came up to talk to her.......

"Are you married?" my youngest asked.
"No, I'm not married." the lady said.
"Ohhh.  So you're lonely." my youngest said
"I'm not lonely!"
"Oooook, whatever you say."


For those who asked about training I have revamped things a bit via the request of a few people.  Hit me up on my g-mail if you want the specifics.

Someone asked me about music the other day so here are the songs I never do without on my mp3 player for lifting.........

Into the Mouth of Hell We March - Trivium
Hope Is - Killswitch Engage
Clean My Wounds - CoC
Lose It - Atreyu
Black - Sevendust
Only - Anthrax
Confined - As I Lay Dying
This Calling - All That Remains

That's pretty much the staple.  I mix in some other stuff but somewhere amongst my songs those will be in there.  I have a lot of mellow stuff I throw in there as well because after lifting if I go for a long walk or whatever I like something to take the edge off.  Mellow as in Alice in Chains and their stuff off of Jar of Flys.

I am currently helping some powerlifters get ready for meets and I expect them to blow some shit out of the water.  One guy is well known and the other is not.  If they both suck at their meets I will come back and delete this part of the post.  In all seriousness I think they both will do well.  One guy just pulled 485x4.  A weight he couldn't get off the floor at his last meet.  He's also hit two bench PR's in the last couple of weeks.  So I am expecting good things for him at his meet in a few weeks.

Ever notice that people who are jealous of shit you have say the reason you have that is to make up for something you are lacking in?  And it's always your junk.  Why?  Why did my junk shrink when I bought that Viper?  Or that Cigarette boat?  If I bought a Prius and a row boat instead would my junk have grown?  If that were the case then the interstate would be filled from top to bottom with Prius' pulling row boats everyday at rush hour.  Get what makes you happy.  Haters are gonna hate, that is their job.  BTW I don't have a Viper or Cig boat.  I need what little junk I have!

I hate winter.  Holy dog shit I hate winter.  I don't get to do all of the conditioning I love so much and I hate getting into a cold car in the morning.  I hate the snow and the ice.  I hate it hate it!  I gotta move soon.

For any of you dieting, esp on low carb, don't train without SOME carbs.  One good thing to do is to buy one of those creatine loaders that has simple carbs built in and drink some before you lift.  You're not going to get fatter and it is not going to interfere with the fat burning process, plus it will help a bit with giving you enough energy to lift.  Don't fret over 35-50 grams of carbs.  The low carb shit is getting out of hand I think.  All it is, is a convenient way to cut calories.

There isn't anything super special about low carb.  Losing fat is still about calories in vs out.  If you figure out the number of calories you need to lose fat, then figure in 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, then the rest can come from a mix of carbs and fat.  So if you need to eat 2500 calories a day to lose fat and you weigh 230 then 230*4 = 920.  So 920 calories will come from protein.  You have 1580 calories that can come from carbs and fat.  1.5 to 2 pounds a week is a solid fat loss plan.  One pound of fat is 3500 calories, so 3500x2 =  7000.  So you need about a 1000 calorie deficit per day to hit that.  That's all the dieting information you ever really need to know at a basic level.

Prohormones over the counter, are the real deal now.  I wonder how much longer supp companies are going to get away with it?  And if you are 18-21 and weigh 180 or whatever and are talking about taking them, please pay someone to kick your ass.

Can't wait for Call of Duty Black Ops.  I am a total Modern Warfare/CoD freak.

Maybe it's time to actually put up a real website?


  1. just for curiosity

    wat the deal with keep your body weight low i mean, why not just lift at a weight that you feel confortable.

  2. Mainly because I have a ravenous appetite most of the time. If I were to eat like I wanted I would be 280 but not a GOOD 280. So it's part of a self discipline practice that I have.

    I never want to be in sloppy shape and when I push above 255 I start to feel that way.

  3. funny when I bought my corolla everyone started saying my junk got bigger...good mileage means bigger junk! who knew!

  4. I know. I am totally downgrading to a Ford Focus when I get the chance. then I will have to buy new pants!

  5. If this were the case I would ride a freakin skateboard everywhere.

  6. I would get inline skates and say to women that you had the skateboard thus, tiny junk compared to my inline skates.....

  7. Maybe it's time to actually put up a real website?

    You might look at a Content Management System (CMS) WAMP or LAMP configuration...some examples include: Drupal, Joomla, Mambo, Wordpress etc. It's all free (open source) and once you get the hang of it, setting up a nice looking web-site is pretty simple. You can run the web server on your home PC for development and hosting or pay for web hosting and upload the configuration (ex godaddy)...

    FYI: (again all free)
    WAMP - Windows/Apache Web Server/MySQL/PHP
    LAMP - Linux/Apache Web Server/MySQL/PHP

  8. Yup. I've done a website before using a CMS. Did it using Xen virtual machines off of a linux build if I remember correctly. Man that's nerdy....