Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hip and Ass Machine - 2 directions x 50 reps for each set

Squats - warm up to 315 x 5 sets of 5.  Adductor is still sore.

Deadlifts - 315 x 5 sets of 5.  Felt fine on the bicep.

Pulldowns - 4 sets
Adductor Machine - 4 sets

Timed Holds - 120 pound db's for 55 seconds.

I know the timed hold is worse than what a 10 year old girl can do, however I haven't held anything heavy for almost 10 weeks now so I expect some rapid improvement in that area.


  1. What did you think of the UFC last night? I'm personally pretty glad I didn't shell out any money for it.

  2. Me too. CroCop has been done for a while so when he's headlining a card you can't expect much. Looking forward to Lesnar vs Cain.