Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Light Day -

Squats -
135 x 10
225 x 5
315 x 5

365 x 5 sets of 5, 60 seconds between

Db Bench Press -

40's x 12
80' x 15
100's x 20 x 20

T-bars - 3 plates x 3 sets of 20

Bicep is almost completely back to normal.  Feeling lots better.  Less than two weeks before I start meet prep.


  1. Great blog man! I really like this style of training you write about: no bs, no unnecesary complication, just objective and hard work.

    Good that your injury is healing, i noticed that you got sick before this injury... did you take antibiotics? i heard that it could weaken the tendons for a while and make you prone to pec and biceps tears.

    Good luck with yor training.

  2. Yes I was on antibiotics at the time. funny that you mention that. In a meet a couple of years ago I badly tore my adductor while I was on antibiotics.