Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekly Q & A and a request

Ok just a couple of requests for this Q & A

If you have a question leave a name.

Second, I know a lot of guys have questions about training.  Do me a favor and save it for the blog.  If you have a question about a consultation you can use my e-mail.

Thanks guys and gals.

With that said...........3......2...........1............go


  1. Probably the gayest question of this qa:

    Whats your thoughts on calf training? What do you think that work?

    Also, if one doesnt plan to put on some considerable weight all over the body, do you think its a waste of time training them?

    Thanks a lot man!


  2. Paul,

    Meet day eats. What to eat, how often, any other wisdom you can provide for the best performance from the first squat to the final deadlift. I've got breakfast covered, but during the day I've seen lifters eat everything from handfuls of almonds to handfuls of snickers bars. 3 weeks out man. Thx much!! Great article on efs and glad to hear the arm and joints are healthy.

  3. Love the website! Really helpful.

    Two questions:
    1. Do you feel that a person who has a high condition level (weekly running about 40+ hill sprints) would make up for decent dieting?

    2. I recently read about a training method that looks like this:

    week 1: 3x8x100

    week 2: 3x7x105

    week 3: 3x6x110

    week 4: 3x8x105


    It is essentially playing with 8-6 reps and then increasing your 8-6 rep weight by 5 every three sessions.

  4. Bigs - Go with a food your body knows. You will have some nerves on meet day. The last thing you want is to be trying some new food that your body isn't used to digesting. So pick something you are comfortable with for one. You should have a handler too. Someone who will get food for you, water, etc whatever you need. Bring a buddy or a girlfriend or whatever. I try to eat fairly normal. Chicken sandwich with a baked potato from Wendy's is always good for me. Then a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (imagine that?) later. Either way, something your body is used to eating and you feel comfortable with.

    Victor - Ok so the best calf training I know of is to get really heavy and stay that way for a couple of years. No shit. I walked around at 270-280 for about 2 years and after I lost weight back down to 230-240 my calves barely shrunk and now stay at just under 19" with almost no work. Before that they were always pretty tiny and I worked the hell out of em for a long time, hard and heavy, high reps, whatever. Nothing worked. After I stayed heavy for a long time that did it. Calves to me, are probably the most genetic bound muscle group there is. You can spend all day working the hell out of em and they will only get marginally better. So no joke, that is the best solution I can offer. Just throw in some calf raises here and there. Otherwise I wouldn't fret it unless you are going to do a bodybuilding show.

  5. Chris -

    1. I'm not following. Make up for decent dieting?

    2. What is the question here?

    Let me know....

  6. Paul,

    I am currently using Wendlers 5/3/1 plan but am struggling a bit with the assistance part.

    I finish my warm up and my main lifts within the first 20-25 minutes of my workout. Not counting conditioning, would you suggest just doing whatever assistance for about 2-3 sets for about 8-12 reps for a few exercises? Or should i go more volume, ie 5x12?

  7. Paul,

    In your previous post you mentioned some prohormones being the real deal. Could you mention with ones you think may be worth picking up?



  8. Abe - Mainly I mean that the stuff you get OTC now is REAL. Not like in years past where it was all snake oil. I used h-drol by competitive edge labs and it was the real deal. It's discontinued now but you might can find some on e-bay or if you google around. I heard m-drol was even better.

    Marky - All depends on your goals and what you want to do or get better at. If you really want to get better at the main lift, then go backwards on the 5/3/1 template after the main set. So on the day of 5's do 65x5, 75x5, 85x5 then do 75xmax reps. To me, this works real well.

    You can use Jim's BBB template or just pick two assistance movements for that main lift and go to town. Everything works in some way, shape, or form. Figure out which of those suits what you are trying to accomplish right now.

  9. Paul

    Two questions.

    Firstly, what are your thoughts on using 5/3/1 with DC style assistance, I've been using it the last training cycle and really like it.

    Secondly, how much variation in exercises do you think a person needs to make continual progress in a lift (squat, bench etc). I have tried lots of benching to improve the bench press and squatting to improve the squat but I'm starting to realise that I require some variation in exercises (mainly varying assistance work more). I'm just not sure how much.


  10. Jez - I like the 5/3/1 + rest/pause for assistance work. Just don't be overzealous.

    What it sounds like to me Jez is that you just need to get stronger all over.

    Here is what I mean.

    I am training a guy for a meet right now and in the past he said he could never make continuous progress just using squat/bench/deadlift. That he dreaded going in because he knew he wouldn't have gotten much stronger, if any. So I put him on a powerbuilding split for a while to just get him stronger all over, but kept the big 3 in. Now he's moving weights for reps that were maxes before.

    What I think now, is that some guys do a bigger degree of variation in their training at the intermediate level to progress on the basics. Mainly because they need to get stronger all over, and using more variety seems to help that.

    So it seems like you are on the right track in regards to that. So throw in what you think you need. Personally I would keep under control, don't go crazy with the assistance stuff. But do enough that you're seeing progress across the board.

  11. Hi Paul,
    Regarding the Powerbuilding routine mentioned above, is this what you would suggest for those who have more novice numbers as mentioned in part 2 of your Ultimate Beastdom training article, ie. someone in the 200-315 bench range with a 365-405 squat and a 455-500 deadlift?

    Would your 'The Young, Skinny, Training with ADD Guy’s Guide to Gaining Mass and Strength' article over at Elite be a good example of this type of routine?

    Thanks for all your posts and Q&A's, would love to see an ebook one day.


  12. Yes. The UB hypertrophy routine is something I would suggest for intermediate types as well for that very reason. Some guys need to just fill out strength everywhere for a while, and that means getting stronger on a little more than just the basics.

  13. Thanks for the reply Paul. I am planning on setting up my 6-week blocks on the UB Hypertrophy program so I add 5lbs to my lifts each 6 week cycle i.e. very slow and steady - is this what you would recommend?


  14. for you wats is the best eccersive for biceps...

    liftg heavy is awesoem but having a nice looking guns is also awesome

  15. I suggest cleaning your guns to make them awesome looking. Plus they will fire better. Last thing you want is to be in a situation where you need your guns to perform at their best only to have them jam because they haven't been cleaned.

  16. Hey you over compensating loser, did you actually play football or is that another one of your fair tales??

  17. All fairy tales bro. Just like my martial arts, my lifts, and life.

    If only I could be more like you, nameless guy with no sack.

    Now do you have a question about training? Or are you just some message board troll?

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  19. Still got that gas guzzler. You have a good weekend too successful troll. :)